The Facts about David William’s defection to Juba



1st August, 2018

Press Release

The Facts about David William’s defection to Juba

Some days ago, David William Tut issued a statement claiming that he left the NDM because of lack of democracy in its organs. Not long after, he showed his real colours when he declared that he was heading for Juba under the guise of joining a pro-government party.
Indeed, David William Tut was the Secretary General of the NDM. However, he was involved in financial embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. On 7 May 2018, the National Executive Committee instructed him to render a report on the areas where the misappropriation was observed. He rendered his report on 4 June 2018 but NEC concluded that it gave unsatisfactory explanation as to how the money was spent. As a result an investigation committee was formed on the 5th of June to find out the facts about this serious breach of the Basic Rules of the NDM which include the abuse of public office. That committee reached a finding that he had a case to answer for and recommended the institution of a Disciplinary Committee to look into the case. The Disciplinary Committee was instituted on the 6th of July 2018. David William appeared before the Committee together with other witnesses.

After deliberating on the facts of the case, the Disciplinary Committee decided on 17th of July 2018 that David William Tut be relieved from his position as the Secretary General and to pay back to the Movement’s chest the money he took for his personal use. This decision took into consideration the fact that he had been previously cautioned in writing against his abrasive attitude towards his colleagues in the General Secretariat resulting in all but only three to leave. This Committee’s decision was approved by the National Executive Committee on the 24th of July and communicated to David William Tut with a letter thanking him for the service he has rendered to the Movement for two years and that the NDM was looking forward for him to serve in another capacity in the Movement he had helped to establish as a founding member.
Unhappily, we were surprised to hear him in the media claiming that he had resigned as a Secretary General when he had ceased to be so and heaping accusations which, if true, he should have either corrected or quit long time ago, especially that he was the third ranking member of the NDM. It is not our intention to engage in mudslinging he wants to drag us into, but this statement is to set the record straight on what really took place.

Long live the struggle of our people
Long live South Sudan
A luta continua

Ambassador; Emmanuel Aban
National Democratic Movement (NDM)
TEL: +447466800244


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