Political detainees join the agreement. The Machar group rejects 30% of the power in the state.

Political detainees join the agreement. The Machar group rejects 30% of the power in the state.

Dr. Machar
Dr. Machar


August 2, 2018 – The leader of the group of political prisoners Deng Alor said that their group will sign the agreement on the division of power next Sunday with some reservations.

“The humanitarian and security situation, as well as the expiration of the legitimacy of the government of Juba, make it impossible to block the agreement because some parties refuse to sign it,” Tathnan said in a statement on Wednesday. “The opposition coalition and the political detainees will sign the agreement.

The most important points of disagreement between the government and the opposition, which have not been agreed upon, focus on power-sharing at the state level. He said the government is proposing 30 percent to the opposition, which it sees as unfair, and 49 percent to the opposition and 51 percent to the government.

He said his group would not allow the state of the South to use its territory as a platform for attacks on sister countries. He said Darfur rebels and the northern sector had fought alongside Juba against them in Unity, Upper Nile and North Bahr al-Ghazal, adding that they had ensured their removal from the country through the security arrangements file.



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