Relief and Dismissal from the National Salvation Front

National Salvation Front/Army


Relief and Dismissal from the National Salvation Front

The Leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has followed closely the clandestine and subversive activities of Maj. Gen. Julious Tabuley, Dr. Gasim Barnaba Kisanga, Gen. Khalid Butrous, Maj. Gen . Ali Kur, Brig. Nataniel Chol Gai and Brig . Gen. Michael Aywen. Over the past one month, we have confirmed that the activities and ill intentions of these officers are inconsistent with the aspirations of our people and vision of NAS.

These individuals have conducted meetings and undertook dubious activities with third parties intended to undermine the position of NAS and sabotage the search of our people for just and viable peace. These activities were undertaken in the course of the peace talks in Khart oum.

In line with the rules and regulations of NAS, I Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, Chairman and Commander in Chief of the National Salvation Front do hereby relieve the above mentioned individuals from their positions and responsibilities and dismiss them from NAS’ membership  with immediate effect.

NAS wants to assure our people that the departure of these individuals will have no material effect on the struggle and on our resolve to seek and secure enduring peace for our people.

NAS will remain the power of our Nation.

More details will follow.
May God Bless our Country.

Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka NAS3SAN2

Chairman and commander in Chief,

National Salvation Front

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