National Democratic Movement (NDM) Press Release


22nd April, 2017

Press Release

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) would like to inform the public that for the last number of weeks, forces of the ethnocentric regime in Juba have been mounting unprovoked attacks on the positions of the National Democratic Forces. In the last two days, our forces had no choice but to defend themselves against this aggression and gave the enemy a bloody nose.

The first engagement was on the 20th instant in Kai Kang area near Abienom in Unity States. Government forces under militia Commander Pul Jang attacked our forces under the command of Commander Gabriel Ruon Diang. The enemy sustained heavy casualties in manpower and armament. Ten (10) enemy soldiers were counted dead on the battlefield. The NDM forces captured ten (10) AKM rifles and three (3) machine guns.

The second was today, Saturday the 22nd April, 2017. Our reconnaissance team clashed with a contingent of Juba’s advancing troops at 7:00 A.M. The battle occurred at Gongbar northeast of Renk. The attacking enemy forces were defeated and pushed back carrying their wounded with them. In light of the continuous and unprovoked military attacks on its forces, the NDM will have no option but to use all necessary means at its disposal to defend itself and the innocent civilians from the dictatorial and genocidal forces of PresidentKiir.

This escalation comes as part of the regime’s dry season offensive which started in February against opposition forces across the country with the intention of creating a new military reality on the ground and strengthening its dictatorial grip on power. These attacks are coming at a time the government is pretending to be implementing the so-called National Dialogue in Juba. Instead of cutting down on its military spending and providing humanitarian assistance to the thousands of South Sudanese who are starving to death as consequences of its bad economic policies and the man-made civil war, the inept and corrupt ethnocentric and genocidal regime is obsessed with the notion of a military solution to the egregious economic, social and political crisis in the nascent nation. However, the realities in the field speak volumes and indicate that, the regime will never achieve significant military victory against the forces of democracy, justice and freedom. The world needs to know that President Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders have chosen war over peace and stability.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) forces are ready and prepared to resist any further military attacks on its positions by the Juba regime. We will not fold our hands in the face of unprovoked military aggression by Kiir forces and would like to assure the people of South Sudan that your movement is strong, vigilant and well placed to achieve the final blow against the forces of dictatorship and tyranny.


Long live the struggle of our People

Long live South Sudan

A luta continua

Amb. Emmanuel Aban For/ the Spokesman,

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) Email:



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