Former Yei River governor dismisses arrest reports

Former Yei River governor dismisses arrest reports


Juba July 31, 2018  – The former governor of Yei River has dismissed reports that he has been arrested by security organs.David Lokong’a said the speculations began after he was accused over a car rental fee by Juma Kila who was a security advisor in the officer of the former governor of Terekeka state, Juma Ali Malou.

He said has been free “I am fine. Nobody has arrested me and I’m in the house, moving freely everywhere. I can go to funeral places and functions.”
Mr Lokong’a said Mr Kila offered him a B85 Audi when he was sworn-in as the governor of Yei in 2016.

He said he had walked to the presidential palace, J1 on foot that day to be sworn-in. But before taking the car, Mr Lokong’a said he asked why Mr Kila gave him the car, but the advisor allegedly said it was meant to facilitate his movement.Mr Lokong’a said there was no agreement made, but Mr Kila filed a police case against him for failing to pay him some money for using the vehicle. “He (Kila) went and opened a case against me that he wanted some money from me.

The allegation was, when he was going to get warrant of arrest, he alleged that we agreed with him 200 USD per day,” However, the former governor said the case was thrown out because Mr. Kila failed to provide sufficient evidence; “He was asked to bring evidence and there was no evidence. There was no discussion, he just handed to me without any discussion and we did not even agree,” Mr Kila said the issue is being resolved amicably and was not meant for public.

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