American-British-Norwegian concern over the South Sudan Peace Agreement

August 11, 2018

American-British-Norwegian concern over the South Sudan Peace Agreement

The United States, Britain and Norway expressed concern on Friday over a peace deal between the warring parties in south Sudan, which took place in Khartoum last Sunday and decided to form a power-sharing government.
“In the face of past failures … the leaders of south Sudan will need to act differently, and commit to peace and good governance,” the three countries said in a joint statement. The countries have questioned how to provide security during the transitional period in the capital Juba «and the effectiveness of control over the executive authority». The three countries also stressed the need to reduce violence and urged leaders to ensure full access to humanitarian assistance.
On the other hand, the Sudanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Abdullah Issa, announced Kenya’s agreement to send experts to participate in a new round of negotiations between the south Sudanese parties in Khartoum after agreeing to waive hosting the next round in favor of Khartoum. Kenyan experts will participate in the third round, which will resume next week.
“The leaders of the IGAD countries, an African body leading the mediation, agreed that Kenya will participate in the next round of experts to help facilitate the peace process in south Sudan,” Issa told the Sudanese Center for Press Services, which is close to the government.


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