The Opposition Group Condemns the Continuous Violations of the CoHA by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan

The Opposition Group Condemns the Continuous Violations of the CoHA by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan

Press Statement for Immediate Release

12th February 2018, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We, the opposition group and participants of the IGAD led High-Level Forum on the Revitalisation of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (HLRF) strongly condemn the continuous violations of the Cession of Hostility Agreement (CoHA) by the government. The opposition group would like to bring to the attention of the people of South Sudan, and to the World at large the following:


  1. The government of South Sudan that is a partner in the peace process has demonstrated lack of seriousness and political will to negotiate in good faith;
  2. This is demonstrated by its refusal to sign the Declaration of Principles that was jointly discussed and signed by all other parties to the revitalization process;
  3. The government continues its attacks on opposition positions throughout the country the latest of which is Nyatot in Nasir area, today;
  4. South Sudan as an IGAD member should recuse itself from the mediation on South Sudan

The Way Forward:

  1. In light of CoHA violations, we demand an urgent and immediate investigation of all current violations and a review of the status of implementation of Cessation of Hostilities
  2. The Opposition Group demands the government of South Sudan to sign the Declaration of Principles that is the basis for negotiation;
  3. The government forces MUST immediately withdraw from all positions they captured in violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement, Article (3) Sub-article (2).

In Conclusion:

The Opposition Group reiterates its commitment to a peaceful resolution of the conflict through the High-Level Revitalization Forum of the ARCSS. Above all, the people of South Sudan deserve PEACE, SECURITY and TRANQUILLITY. Furthermore, we would like to make it abundantly clear that ANY ATTACK ON ONE OPPOSITION IS AN ATTACK ON ALL THE OPPOSITION.



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