South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF) Statement of the SSCSF on the Special Envoy’s Report on the HLRF

South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF)
Statement of the SSCSF on the Special Envoy’s Report on the HLRF

For Immediate Release
26th March 2018, Juba – We, members of the South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF), a coalition of over 200 civil society organizations, Women’s coalition, Youth coalition and Academia, have conducted debrief and engagement meetings with citizens in which our representatives to the HLRF have participated. These meetings have been aimed at ensuring that citizens understand the process better and the progress made.
We welcome and applaud the progress report of the IGAD Special Envoy for South Sudan on the High Level Revitalization Forum of the Agreement on the Resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan, that will be presented to the IGAD Council of Minister’s 61st extraordinary session to be held in Addis Ababa; Ethiopia, on 26th March 2018. It is a truthful and objective summary that captures everything that has happened since commencement of the process and does not in any way contradict our updates to citizens on the same. The report is also not biased towards any party. We endorse its recommendations and believe that once adopted by the Council of Ministers, immense success will be registered at the next phase of the HLRF.
We however note with profound dismay that there have been continued violations of the Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities, Humanitarian Access and Protection of Civilians (ACOH) by some parties who are signatories to the same. They without remorse continue to pursue military victory at the expense of innocent civilians lives who continue to perish in a senseless war; an undertaking of unprincipled politicians who refuse to implement what they agree on. It is with this continuing scenario that we are also deeply concerned about the reduced, inadequate and unexplained untimeliness in reporting by CTSAMM on parties’ efforts to implement the ACOH. This seeming complacency by CTSAMM in relation its work should be avoided ahead of the next phase of the HLRF.

We therefore recommend and urge for the following ahead of the 61st extraordinary meeting of the IGAD Council of Ministers:

1.    The IGAD Council of Ministers’ 61st extraordinary session unreservedly and unquestionably appreciates the progress report of the Special Envoy of South Sudan on progress of the HLRF on the ARCSS and adopt all the recommendations made therein,
2.    CTSAMM releases reliable reports on implementation of the ACOH by parties with clear reflection of all events that have taken place since the adjournment of the second phase of the HLRF, and make concrete recommendations to the IGAD Council of Ministers on the same,
3.    The IGAD draws up and enforces a number of punitive measures against individual violators and spoilers of peace and entities that have failed to submit names of individual responsible for violations of the ACOH,
4.    The IGAD holds accountable its members and their representatives who have negative bearing on progress of the peace process. This would be a demonstration of intolerance to impunity and afford IGAD high moral ground to spearhead accountability as a regional bloc,
5.    The Parties be urged to refrain from threatening and intimidating the civil society who are essential partners in the peace process,
6.    The IGAD demands that all parties ensure that there is meaningful representation of youth in their delegations as negotiators and not just protocol or secretariat staff.

We continue to appreciate the unswerving resolve of the African Union, TROIKA, China, IGAD Partners’ Forum and the wider International community to support the HLRF including civil society’s participation in it. We are unwaveringly committed to continuing our participation in and support to the HLRF as a key political process that is a major pathway to peace in South Sudan,
We remain transfixed on all proceedings, progress and preparations on the HLRF and beyond and in relation to peace making in South Sudan. We continue to solemnly watch all parties’ commitment to bringing peace to South Sudan.

Spokespeople are available for interview in both English and Arabic. Additional members of the Civil Society, Women’s and Youth’s Coalition are available for interviews in Nairobi, Kampala and Addis Ababa. To arrange interviews contact:

1. Manasseh Mathiang via Tel: +211955722713 or
1. Geoffrey L. Duke via Tel: +211955166606

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