The collective responsibility is the solution to save Al- dinder reserve

The collective responsibility is the solution to save Al- dinder reserve

Al-dinder National Park Reserve.
Al-dinder National Park Reserve.

Al-dinder Reserve is a national wealth needs a collective responsibility and efforts from the state and the civil society to secure it. The importance of these natural reserve due it considered as an attractive tourists resort And a scientific laboratory in the same time. Inside the reserve find various kinds of animals and plants a safety environment addition to some discovered archeological l from the marwee civilization and antiquities returned to Al-mahdeea period, what raise the scientific and tourists value of the reserve. The national reserve of Al-dinder had been established in 1935, in area estimated of 3500 Mil.

The concept of reserve was to seize areas of natural environments and enforce the legal safety through guard and prevention the people activities inside the reserve. In seventies era and as a result to waves of draught , that extended in the African cost , directed the reserve administration to dig under-ground wells and pump water to save the animals and the natural life inside the reserve, although began the interest with the scientific administrations.

In 1979 declared on the reserve as a biological environment according to the international concept of reserves , which concerned with involving the population societies in administrating the natural reserves and aim to direct the resources of these reserves to their benefits and to fill their needs addition to realize the sustainable development and safe the reserve and its environments .

The administration of the reserve succeed to issued a decision from the state of blue Nile in 1984 to increase the area of the reserve to about 1000 KM, but the absence of the suitable plans to utilize the natural resources in the three states ( The blue Nile-Sinnar and AL-gadaruief) that surrounded the reserve resulted on many negative effects on the reserve and its animals. In a scientific symposium on issues of the national reserve Al-dinder convened last week at Al-shaque hall, asserted the National Director of Al- dinder federal reserve development project Dr. Motasem Nimer , that the reserve faced a serious drop and decrease of its animals in the last period and damage to its environment because of cutting the trees and expanding in the mechanical agriculture.

The waves of draught and desertification enforced many large number of people in west Sudan to displace in the neighboring religions and to depend in the daily life on the reserve resource as wood fuel, collecting the trees fruits and Honey , the illegal hunting and infiltrating with their domestic animals seeking for pastures in the reserve. Besides he pointed that the expand to a large areas of the mechanical agriculture in the neighboring regions of the reserve had destroyed large areas of pastures and push the shepherds and who seek for woods and wood fuel to creep into the reserve. Concerning the project of developing Al-dinder reserve , which financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) explained Dr. Nemer that the project success d to adopt an administrative plan through wide consulting with the neighboring societies and the concernd authorities in the three states and the authorities of the wild life administration.

The plan aimed to promote and protect the reserve addition to rehabilitee the ecology systems and secure the biological variation inside the reserve. The project target to acknowledge the local societies in the reserve and neighbor regions with the best methods of utilizing the natural resources , in what achieve the sustainable development to the resources addition to raise the life standards of the citizens and to correct the mistakes of using the land and natural resources , that caused bad effects on the environment of the wild animals as transferring the endemic diseases between the wild and domestic animals and the illegal hunting ,that resulted to killing the rare animals. On his side asserted the expert of environment Nasar Gaboush that changes had been happened in the environment of the reserve included increasing the areas of lands , which face burning to 71.2% in 2000 and because of drought waves in last years and added , enlarging the human activities particular the machinery agriculture and sponsored the animals had effected negatively on the reserve and reassured the importance of saving it.

The ambassador, Yousif Saied commented that Al-dinder reserve is an economic wealth to attract tourists addition to its significance to be a scientific laboratory and pointed the necessity of evaluating the administrative polices and gathering with the citizens in the development program .

The ambassador explained that we need to contract with one of the international specialized centers in field of marketing the natural reserves and to the focusing of local and international media on the importance of Al-dinder reserve.

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