South Sudan approves $ 600 million for next year’s budget

Juba – August, 21st, 2018

South Sudan approves $ 600 million for next year’s budget

South Sudan’s parliament approved in its meeting on Monday the budget of 2018-2019 estimated at 81 billion Sudanese pounds “about 600 million dollars.” Finance Minister Salvatore Garang said the government would rely on its own resources to finance the budget after the failure to obtain external loans.

“We will employ oil revenues and other government taxes to provide budget spending items, and if there is a deficit we will provide another annex to the parliament for adoption and completion of the rest of the proposed projects,” Garang said in a press statement.

He pointed out that the bulk of the budget was allocated to the security sector, without mentioning a specific number, and allocate 40% of the budget for salaries of government employees, while 25% was allocated to provide services.

And expected to adopt the new budget after the signing by the President of the Republic in the coming days, and is expected to resume oil production in the state of unity “West” next month by 70 thousand barrels per day.

South Sudan’s Khartoum parties signed a final agreement on power sharing and security arrangements under the auspices of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.


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