Reth Kwongo Dak on top of peace process

Khartoum, Sep. 9th, 2018

Reth Kwongo Dak on top of peace process
Reth, Kwongo Dak Padiet King of Shilluk (Collo)

Reth, Kwongo Dak Padiet King of Shilluk (Collo) people has received Dr Riek Machar Teny, Chairman of SPLM-IO in his residence in Khartoum this morning.

Dr Machar who paid courtesy call briefed his Majesty about the on-going peace process in the country and obstacles facing all sides to reach final peace deal as expected.

Riek said, one of the main issues obstructing peace in the country is the question of the number of the states which affected traditional boundaries and tribal inter-relations in which Collo people was affected as a community.

He stressed saying, the issue of the number of the states is crucial and in his agenda. He feels that it should be resolved among other concerns before final peace could come to its conclusion this month.

On his side, Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet was pleased with this cordial gesture. He gave his blessings to the efforts currently being played by Dr Machar and his colleagues to reach final deal acceptable by all in the country.

It is worth mentioning that Khartoum has concluded the process recently with initials on final document and referred the remaining sticky issues to the IGAD HQs for final arbitration and peace conclusion this current month.


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