President of South Sudan: Power-sharing agreement gives the opposition 14 states

Khartoum, August 17, 2018

President of South Sudan: Power-sharing agreement gives the opposition 14 states

President Salva Kiir Mayardit
President Salva Kiir Mayardit

South Sudan’s President Silva Kiir Mayardit said 14 of the country’s 32 states would go to opposition groups, with the government retaining 18 states under the Khartoum power-sharing deal, while mediators handed over to the southern factions a draft agreement on the ongoing round of negotiations.

In a meeting with state governors at the presidential palace in Juba, Salva Kiir said the power-sharing deal gave 55 percent to the government and 45 percent to opposition groups. He praised the agreement of security arrangements between the government and the opposition groups, noting that its provisions are good because they talk about the formation of a national army representing all ethnicities in south Sudan, before the beginning of the transitional period. He said he had made several decisions on power sharing and demarcation of the border between states as head of state without consulting his negotiating team in Khartoum.

On Tuesday, mediators handed over to the south Sudanese factions a draft agreement on the issues discussed in the ongoing round of negotiations in Khartoum. The parties to the conflict discussed, through three committees, the powers of the President of the Republic, and agreed to have joint powers with his five deputies, and gave each deputy specific powers. The parties agree to name five new ministries stipulated in the power-sharing agreement, including ministries of investment, East Africa, labor, cooperation, rural development, culture and heritage, while negotiators have failed to agree on the number and limits of mandates.


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