President Kiir says the peace agreement will put an end to the civil war

Juba – August 15, 2018

President Kiir says the peace agreement will put an end to the civil war

President Kiir
President Kiir

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit said the peace deal he signed with the opposition leaders last week would put an end to the civil war in the country.

In a speech at the Juba University graduation ceremony over the weekend, Kiir said his government would implement the peace agreement literally and spiritually.

“I know that there are doubts from some people, but we will prove them to the contrary,” Kiir said, noting that the agreement is good because it provides for the establishment of a national army with the participation of all 64 tribes in south Sudan.

He called on everyone to encourage their children to join the new national army. “The new army will have a national character and every state must contribute and every tribe must be itself,” he said.

Kiir said the experience showed that some tribes did not want to join the army, but complained that the army consisted only of Dinka and Nuer. He went on to say that it was time for other communities to join the army so that no one or society would complain about not being represented in regular forces.


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