Michael Makway: Start talks on outstanding issues

Khartoum, 15 August 2018

Michael Makway: Start talks on outstanding issues

Michael Makway
Michael Makway

The peace talks between the government and opposition groups over outstanding issues are continuing in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, South Sudan’s information minister and government spokesman Maulana Michael Makway said.

Information Minister Michael Makway  said in a press statement on Monday that negotiations are underway between the parties through committees dedicated to resolving outstanding issues in the peace agreement.

Three negotiating committees were formed on Monday, he said. “One committee will consider Article 4, which will talk about states, and another will consider Article 5, which deals with the powers of the president and the first vice president.

“As for the other three issues, the five ministries, the five new ministries, the formation of the constitutional amendment committee, and the formation of the judicial reform committee, one committee will handle these issues,” he said.

He pointed out that if the agreement on outstanding issues, will be included in the signed peace agreement, and increased “Let me assure the public that we move forward and we move very well.”

For his part, the head of the National Movement for Change and the former governor of Western Equatoria Joseph Benghazi Bakisuro said in a statement that the talks will continue until the nineteenth of this month, noting that unless the parties get an agreement on the outstanding issues will be suspended until the resumption of talks later .

The IGAD Council of Ministers decided to extend south Sudan talks on remaining issues between the warring parties in Khartoum until August 19.


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