Disputes over the powers of First Vice President in peace talks

Khartoum, 17 August 2018

Disputes over the powers of First Vice President in peace talks

Dr. Reak Machar
Dr. Reak Machar

The parties participating in the ongoing peace talks in the Sudanese capital Khartoum said that the committees formed to consider the outstanding issues have made progress on most issues, except for the powers of the First Vice President.

“The work of the committees is going well,” said Peter Mian-Majongdet, head of the parachute parties, in a statement from the headquarters of the talks on Thursday. “The new ministerial committee has completed its work and the parties reached an agreement.”

He revealed the differences on the powers of the First Vice-President in the talks, indicating that the People’s Movement in the opposition led by Rick Machar, adhering to the powers granted to them in the Convention of 2015, adding that the Committee is still continuing in this regard. This is scheduled to conclude the talks on the nineteenth of August

“The negotiations are going well, but there are disagreements over the powers of the first vice president,” Manawah said. “The SPLM in the opposition will not relinquish the powers of the first deputy as stipulated in the 2015 agreement.


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