200 people infected with river blindness in southern Sudan

200 people infected with river blindness in southern Sudan

Ario, South Sudan – Friday, 17 August 2018

A total of 200 people have been infected with river blindness since the beginning of this year, local authorities in the province of Ario in northwestern south Sudan have reported. And warned of the spread of the black fly causing the disease in abundance in the region.

The parasitism of rivers is a parasitic disease caused by nematode worms called diphtheria diphtheria, infecting humans through the bite of the black fly. The worms are spread in the body. When they die, they cause intense itching and a strong response to the immune system can damage the tissue. Dynamic next door, like the eye.

Local authorities in Ario have called on the government of Juba to provide treatment and vaccinations to avoid new casualties in the area.

“We have registered 200 cases of the disease in the province, and we are afraid of high casualties due to the absence of medical drugs for prevention and treatment,” said Arju provincial governor Berezuk Berjuk.

He pointed out that most of the injuries spread among children and the elderly living in the areas adjacent to the river “Aljor”.

Berjuk appealed to citizens to leave areas close to the waterways and to go to other areas free from the pathogenic fly.


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